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These are books I highly recommend.Diana

A Language Older Than Words by Derrick Jensen Link This book is a starkly honest memoir and its meaning in relation to our cultural imperatives. It is also a very healing yet at times horrifying book that will have you locked in its grip page after page. Its purpose I believe is to wake all of us up to recognizing our relationship and responsibility to all life we share this planet with. In this way it is a true story of love.
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Link I love reading books that transform and inspire me. This is definitely one of those kind of books. The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, discusses the mysteries of the creative process and how it can add so much delight and dimension to our everyday lives.
Endgame, Vol.1:The Problem of Civilization by Derrick Jense Link This is an extemely provocative book. Derrick Jensen very eloquently stretches one's neural network in presenting his views about civilization. It is mind bending and stimulating to read and very difficult to argue against his articulation of our cultural values and the historical destructive impact of civilization on all life forms.
Endgame, Vol.2:Resistance by Derrick Jensen Link In this book Derrick Jensen gives suggestions on what to do about the destructive force and devastations of industrial civilization that has caused so much planetary and ecological destruction. It is a follow up from his book, "Endgame, Vol.1 in which he laid out many of the problems associated with civilization.
The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M. Link This book describes an approach towards curing cancer and other diseases first researched by the author, Charlotte Gerson's father in the early 1900's. Max Gerson, M.D. was able to help cure several forms of cancer and other diseases through his nutritional therapies. His 1958 book, "A Cancer Therapy:Results of Fifty Cases" documents the people and how they were able to cure themselves of what were standardly believed to be incurable cancers and diseases without the use of conventional chemotherapy and radiation. His nutritional therapies as still being used today with very good outcomes.
The Great Turning - From Empire to Earth Community by David C. Korten Link The author of this book presents very positive solutions to our planetary predicament. He examines the origins of empire and its ways of instituting control. He explains how the structures of empire are not inevitable and how we can learn to turn away from empire's destructiveness and move toward a more sustainable way of living that would encourage the expression of our human potentials in a more egalitarian way that would help all life to once again thrive on this planet.
The Last Hours of Ancient Sun Light by Thom Hartmann Link One of the best books about our climate catastrophe that I have read. It is full of many solutions and suggestions for creating a world and planet that the next generations can thrive on. The only question left is, will we listen to this wisdom and act on it quickly and responsibly.
They Thought They Were Free Link Milton Mayer, the author of this book, interviewed 10 Germans about their lives from 1933-45. He wanted to find out what made them Nazis. Although this book was first published in 1955 I found it to be especially relevant and thought provocative in lieu of the recent election of President Trump and trying to process why far right fascist ideas are becoming so appealing to many in the U.S. currently.