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These are websites I highly recommend.Diana

AlterNet Link News site
Arctic News Link Amazing website of graphical statistics on global sea ice and global climate change
Before the Flood Link 2016 documentary film about climate change directed by Fisher Stevens. Debuted on National Geographic Channel on Oct. 30, 2016. The film shows Leonardo DiCaprio going to various regions all around the world to witness the results of manmade global climate change. I believe it is one of the best films made on this subject.
Climate.nasa.gov Link Information, news, articles and satellite images of global climate change
CO2-earth Link Tracks atmospheric CO2
Democracy Now Link Independent progressive global news show on 1400 television and radio stations throughout the world hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.  If you want real news without the corporate spin, I highly recommend you watch this news program.
Free Speech Link 24 hour television network – you can watch on Dish Ch. 9415, DirecTV Ch.348, Burlington Telecom(VT) Ch. 122, Ashland Fiber Network (OR) Ch. 96 or you can watch Free Speech TV stream 24/7 at freespeech.org. You can also follow Free Speech on Twitter or Facebook.  It is available on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Google Nexus TV.  After you see some of the amazing programming on this network you will never besatisfied with the regular corporate media again!
Goldborder Link Services for technology needs.  Applications, web pages, databases, graphics
Raw Story Link News site
Research Institute Link Leading authority on business cycles/economy
Social Security Works Link Great website on accurate information about social security and how best to strengthen it.  Exposes some of the distortions and myths about social security that leave people very often confused and misled.
The Guardian Link News site
The Intercept Link News site
Thom Hartmann Link The Thom Hartmann show is one of the leading progressive talk shows in the U.S. and around the world.  He is on several radio stations and on Free Speech TV.  He also has a show on RT television.  He is the author of many books on a great range of subjects.
Timeforyourmind Link FineArt/Books by David Mielcarek