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Thoughts By Diana
Thoughts By Dave
0 Steps To Losing It All
3 Steps To Building A Better You
Allow Yourself To Shine
Another Library Lost
Balancing With Technology
Bearng Each Foot
Becoming You
Being Me While Being With You
Best Outlook On Life
Change Your Past Into A Present
Choose Life's Effects
Choosing Your Path
Confessions From A Paintbrush
Control Inside The Uncontrollable
Destroying Self Made Walls
Diamonds For Your Dust
Drinking The Nectar Of Life
Failure Is An Option
Feeding On Edge
Find And Understand Yourselves
Fortune Flavored
Grab The Wind
Handling Grenades To The Heart
How To Be You
How To Master Anything
Hurry Up And Rest
I Am Not OK, And That Is Fine
Innovation Through Self Motiviation
Life Of Death
Listening With Your Eyes
Look Down Not Up
Losing The Value Of Time
On A Cloudy Day
Reflection On 911
Shoe Leaves
Sitting In Your Chair Of Solitude
Smile And Give/Get Rewards
Stop Using Eyes Of Others
The Birth Of Love
The First Sad Song
The Power Of Others
There Is No Middle Person
To Begin Again After The End
Unbox Your Child
Warning Zombies Do Exist
What Is Love
Jan 11, 2017

I used to write a lot of articles on LinkedIn, but, due to an issue, lost all of those submissions. Luckily, I had them all copied on my computer and have now placed here (please see the menu for links to them).

I hope you enjoy them.